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To those that care for free range poultry flocks in England, Scotland, Wales and Irland

It is important that in a time where politicians of all nations unite to infringe to an ever greater degree on the rights of the citizens of all nations, that we, the citizen, also exchange information and co-ordinate our efforts. 

The avian flue scare and the ridiculous unfitting responses by the politicians and the beaurocrats of the world, but especially those of Germany and the European Union, show that the people in public office are either utterly unaware of the true causes of avian flu (these in my mind are intensive industrial style farming with tens of thousands of animals caged or confined in barns - as it is the case with the Bernard Matthews operations or the ones where H5N1 infections occured in Germany or due to international trade with poultry products (Bernard Matthews) or by-products such as chicken manure as fertilizer or feed for fish) or intentional deception of the public.

On our pages we present current information regarding legislation, scientific evidence and just experience from every day life with poultry.

It would be very important for us to find out what the legislation and the beaurocratic practise is like in your country, wherever it may be.  During the time that Bernard Matthews was in the headlines, we published quotes from British newspapers and translated them also into the German language, which was very enlightening since after the initial reaction the British response was much more prudent and honest than what the German authorities come up with, who seem to be declaring an all out war on free range chicken on small family farms and seem to be using the avian flu scare amongst city dwellers to bolster industrial scale farming.

What are your experiences and thoughts?  Please share them with us.  You can use our guestbook or contact us by e-mail.

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